Urology Center of Southern California (UCOSC)

Mission Statement

UCOSC's mission is to maximize the value of the service we deliver our patients with commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. Our vision is to be the urology group of choice in the communities we serve.


We continually strive to provide comprehensive state of the art urological services with emphasis on patient education and shared decision making. USOSC's physicians are dedicated to our core foundation of treating patients with compassion, dignity, mutual respect, and trust.

In Office Procedures



A diagnostic procedure that uses a telescope to inspect the inner lining of the bladder.

Prostate Biopsy


A diagnostic procedure used to evaluate abnormal PSA levels or abnormal prostate exams.

Injection for Peyronie’s Disease


Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes scar tissue formation and curvature of the penile tissue.



The No-Scalpel technique is used in our office to facilitate comfort and quick healing.

The Urology Center of Southern California is a single-specialty urology group which was founded in 1985. We have  board-certified urologists including nurse practitioners and physician assistants specialized in urology. We have offices located in Corona, Riverside, and Murrieta. Our group specialty and expertise are focused on providing advanced minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries and da Vinci Robotic Surgeries for a number of urological conditions, radioactive seed implantations, Cryo-ablation of prostate and kidney cancers, and laser surgeries.

About Us

As a group we specialize in urological service for adults, Men and women and children with diverse urological condition. For example:


For Men and Women:

benign and malignant diseases of kidney, adrenal and bladder, kidney stone disease, infections, urinary retention and urinary incontinence.


For Men:

Prostate related urinary symptoms, prostate cancers, no scalpel vasectomy, infertility, erectile dysfunction, prosthesis, and hormonal diseases.


For Women:

Female urology, urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse.


For Children:

Bed wetting, undescended testicle, hernias, congenital abnormalities, and urinary infections.


Our clinics feature state-of-the-art urologic facilities, equipped to perform ultrasound-guided and endoscopic procedures. Each location also features a surgery center and hospital nearby where more extensive outpatient and inpatient surgeries may be performed.


Our facilities are designed to give the patient the ultimate in comfort and safety while at all times maintaining the highest standards of patient confidentiality. We are supported by a fully HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system and a friendly, bilingual office staff.


We are contracted with Medicare, Medicaid and most major Health Plans and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). We are committed to providing exceptional care for the urological needs of our patients with compassion and dignity and are available to answer your specific questions.

our providers

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Corona Office

Phone : 951.735.2700

Fax : 951.735.7564

801 S. Main St #201

Corona, Ca 92882

Mon-Friday 8am- 5pm

Riverside Office

Phone : 951.687.8730

Fax : 951.687.3927

3975 Jackson St Suite 308

Riverside, Ca 92503

Mon-Friday 8am- 5pm

Murrieta Office

Phone : 951.677.3000

Fax : 951.672.4171

28078 Baxter Rd. Suite 450

Murrieta, CA 92563

Mon-Friday 8am- 5pm