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Remarkable Results. Reduced Risk.


  • Office-based neuromodulation for overactive bladder
  • Up to 80% patient response
  • Significant, sustainable improvements
  • No serious side-effects
Urgnet PC Simulator

Office-Based Neuromodulation


  • Treats men and women with Overactive Bladder (OAB) and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence
  • Retrograde neuromodulation via the tibial nerve to the sacral plexus
  • Initial series of twelve 30-minute weekly treatments, personalized ongoing treatment
  • Accommodate more patients using group appointments and staggered start times
  • Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS)
  • CPT® code 64566: established national and regional coverage policies

“… PTNS subject assessment of OAB symptoms was statistically significant for improvement or cure in 79.5% compared to 54.8% in the tolterodine arm (p = 0.01).”2


Ideal Choice for Refractory OAB


  • Least invasive 3rd line therapy in the AUA/SUFU OAB Guideline1*
  • Virtually no recovery time or lingering side-effects
  • Effective when other treatments fail
  • Provides superior subjective response to leading OAB drugs with statistically significantly reductions in OAB symptoms2,3
  • May be combined with behavioral and drug therapies
  • Cost-effective in short-term and beyond4

Remarkable Results


  • Up to 80% of patients respond2, 4, 6 -11
  • Clinically significant improvements in daytime and nighttime voiding frequency, leakage episodes and quality of life
  • Statistically superior to sham in reducing frequency, urinary urge incontinence episodes, nighttime voids, urgency episodes and voids with moderate to severe urgency9
  • Consistent results in 3 RCTs, 3 durability studies, 2 meta-analyses and nearly 50 peer-reviewed articles


Sustained Success


  • At 3 years follow-up, all QoL parameters remained markedly improved with about 1 treatment a month (all p<0.0001)10
  • At 3 years, 97% of patients followed had moderate or marked improvement in their symptoms compared to baseline10
  • 77.5% of Urgent PC responders in a community based practice continued with long-term therapy with a treatment every 1-3 months11

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