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Office Procedures - Macroplastique

Predictable. Permanent. Proven.

  • Injectable bulking agent for adult female SUI
  • Ready to use
  • Non-degradable, non-resorbable
  • Over 20 years of clinical history
UCOSC Macroplastique

Macroplastique® is an injectable soft-tissue bulking agent used to treat adult female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) primarily due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD).


The soft, textured Macroplastique implants are made of solid silicone elastomer and suspended in a water-soluble, bio-excretable carrier gel.

Predictable Procedure

Permanent Implants

  • Administration Device ensures a controlled and precise implantation procedure
  • Ready to use – no mixing or special storage
  • Suspension of implants in carrier gel makes Macroplastique easy to inject
  • Size of initial bolus is maintained even after carrier gel is excreted
  • Non-degradable, non-resorbable
  • Uniquely designed to create an excellent open matrix for collagen deposition
  • Average implant size is 140 µm with the majority of  implants between 120 – 600 µm
  • No evidence of migration in clinical studies or in histological examination of tissue explants
  • 75% of patients had an improvement ≥ 1 Stamey grade***
  • 33% of patients were dry***
  • No serious treatment-related adverse events associated with Macroplastique

Proven Outcomes

In a multi-center clinical trial, Macroplastique demonstrated excellent clinical efficacy.

Patient outcomes with Macroplastique1 At 12 Months

At 24 Months

  • 62% of patients had an improvement ≥ 1 Stamey Grade*
  • 37% of patients were dry*
  • Physicians considered 80% of the patients dry or markedly improved**
  • 60% improvement from baseline in Incontinence Quality of Life surveys (IQOL)**

“ Macroplastique is a safe, efficacious, minimally invasive injectable silicone [elastomer] material that can be administered on an out-patient basis.”1

A tunnelling technique is

used to inject Macroplastique

at the mid-urethral position

The Administration Device ensures a controlled and precise procedure

Urethral Coaptation

Macroplastique is injected in 2-3 locations  to achieve urethral coaptation.

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